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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law
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Consulting & Contract Service Areas

The LML are able to offer consulting and contract services across the following areas: Ethical analysis of controversial issues in medicine and life sciences Case law analysis Patent landscapes & evidence-based IP Research Policy and regulatory analyses for emerging technology Teaching short or...

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Patent Landscapes & Evidence-Based IP Research

With respect to patent landscapes and evidence-based IP research, the LML is able to offer: Automated Patent Search Algorithm Development Empirical Legal Studies (Empirical Analysis of IP Decisions) Computational Data Science & IP IP Informatics & Computational Analytics For more...

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Patent Searching & Landscapes

The LML is able to offer three different levels of Patent Search & Landscaping services: (1) Patent Search This includes: ‣ Development of search strategy & search algorithm; ‣ Generating search results; ‣ Deliverable: Search Results Report The Search Results Report includes a Excel...

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Contract & Schedule of Fees

Contract ‣ Administered by Cambridge Enterprise (CUTS) ‣ CUTS Information: Schedule of Fees (Private Entities) ‣ Patent Search (PS1): £6000 ‣ Patent Search (PS2): £10000 ‣ Patent Landscape (PL1): £14000 ‣ Patent Landscape (PL2): £18000 ‣ Patent Landscape...

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Process Overview

Step 1. Contact the LML ‣ Email: ‣ Subject Line: “Patent Study Request” ‣ Body: Briefly explain the purpose of the patent search. In particular, state the technical field for which the patent search or patent landscape is desired and any information you may have related to the...