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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law


Professor Mateo Aboy (Principal Research Scholar)

Mateo is currently researching the status of information age inventions as patentable subject matter. A core component of this work is an in-depth quantitative analysis of trends in patent examination following key United States Supreme Court decisions affecting biomedical, biotech, computer and information process inventions, coupled with comparative study of European patent law.

Ms Nicola Anderson (Research Associate)

Nicola's current research projects centre on the use of machine learning in healthcare. The first project will address this from a product liability perspective, whereas the second will consider regulation more generally, focussing in particular, on how the law should seek to promote and balance conflicts between the goals of safety, efficacy, fairness and transparency. She is a qualified Solicitor, and up until December 2020, practiced in the field of medical negligence.

Ms Rebecca Brown (PhD Candidate)

Rebecca specialises in public law and international law. Her current research adopts a comparative lens to consider how domestic law and policy impact the development of international instruments governing disease management. She is also interested in global health governance more broadly, as well as the regulation of health issues within the administrative law system.



Ms Jinal Dadiya (PhD Candidate) 

Jinal is interested in the relationship between human rights discourse and regulation theory, in the field of healthcare governance. Her current research focuses on the relationship between reproductive rights and techniques that are used to regulate assisted reproductive technologies. She is also interested in the regulation of drugs and cosmetics, organ transplantation, the use of AI in healthcare, and other areas of healthcare regulation. 


Dr David Erdos

David’s current research explores the nature of Data Protection especially as it intersects with the right to privacy, freedom of expression, freedom of information and freedom of research. His expertise covers issues such as the regulation of health data, "big data" applications in the health sector, e-health, and the use of personal data for medical research.


Dr Cristina Crespo (Research Scholar)

Cristina’s research interests include the patentability of information-age and biotech inventions, and specifically analysing the impact of recent US Supreme Court decisions affecting these inventions on patent prosecution strategy and innovation. Cristina’s research at the LML concerns the design and implementation of empirical legal studies involving biotech and gene-related patent protection as part of the research project Realising Genomic Medicine: Intellectual Property Issues.


Dr Claire Fenton-Glynn

Claire specialises in human rights and family law, and in particular, the rights of children in international, regional and domestic law. Her research in the field of medical law focuses on assisted reproduction and surrogacy from a comparative perspective, looking at medical and circumvention tourism, and private international law rules concerning the recognition of parenthood.

Matt Jordan (PhD Candidate and Collaborative Research Projects Co-Ordinator)

Matt is the Collaborative Research Projects Co-Ordinator for LML. He provides research and administrative assistance to the centre, and co-ordinates LML's relationship with CMEL (University of Hong Kong), and CeBIL (University of Copenhagen).

He is also a PhD Candidate at the Faculty of Law. His research uses the sociological concept of liminality to analyse the legal and regulatory architecture governing the human body throughout the life cycle.


Dr Kathleen Liddell (Director of LML)

Kathy specialises in medical law, emerging technologies and intellectual property. Her research focuses on a variety of issues such as patent protection in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical diagnostics, and the regulation of medical research and complex technologies such as genetic testing and stem cell products.


Ms Dafni Lima (PhD Candidate)

Dafni specialises in family law and criminal law. Her research interests in family law include parenthood, assisted reproduction, regulation of marital and non-marital relationships, and LGBT+ parenting. Her current research focusses on parenthood, assisted reproduction and surrogacy.

Ms Annie Mackley (Research Assistant)

Annie provides research and administrative assistance to members of LML across a range of subject areas. Her interests include the intersection between tort law and medicine, public health, and emerging technologies in the life sciences. 


Dr Stevie Martin

Stevie is currently conducting an examination of the empirical validity of the justifications for the ongoing blanket ban on assisted dying in the United Kingdom and a consideration of whether or not the ban violates articles 2, 3 and/or 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Stevie has previously provided research and administrative assistance to the LML. 


Dr Okeoghene Odudu

Oke’s work in the field of medical law focuses on the relationship between the market and the NHS; for example ideas of “competitive neutrality” and the applicability of competition law to NHS service providers. 


Dr Stephanie Palmer

Stephanie specializes in human rights, public law, and issues of medical law at the beginning and end of life.  She is also interested in public health regulation, including the regulation of lifestyle risks, such as obesity-inducing foods, alcohol and plain packaging of tobacco products.


Dr Jens Scherpe

Jens specialises in comparative law and particularly comparative family law. His research spans a wide variety of topics, including assisted reproduction and surrogacy, parental responsibility and the legal status of transsexual and transgender persons.

skopek 2

Dr Jeffrey Skopek (Deputy Director of LML)

Jeff’s research interests centre on advances in the biosciences that destabilize categories and concepts that play a foundational role in our law and ethics. He is currently working on projects that explore challenges posed by developments in personalized medicine, biobanking, and big data.

Spencer 2

Emeritus Professor John Spencer

John's research interests include criminal law and tort, and the aspects of medical law that relate to these. Topics of particular interest to him include the criminal and tortious liability of medical professionals, and criminal liability for the transmission of disease.  



Ms Jacquelyn Veraldi (PhD Candidate)

Jacquelyn is currently researching the interpretation and application of the European Union abuse of dominance prohibition in pharmaceutical markets, which touches on issues of competition law, intellectual property, and other areas of pharmaceutical sector regulation such as national pricing schemes and marketing authorisation rules. This PhD project is conducted under the supervision of Professor Albertina Albors-Llorens and is generously funded by the Hatton-WYNG Studentship. 


Dr Rumiana Yotova

Rumiana specialises in public international law and EU law, including international dispute settlement and investment law. She is particularly interested in the interaction of international law and other legal regimes such as EU law. In the field of medical law, Rumiana's interests include the extent of State powers to regulate for the protection of public health where this affects economic interests, for example in the case of plain tobacco packaging. She is also interested in the international regulation of the human genome and gene editing.

Tony Zhou

Mr Tony Zhou (PhD Candidate)

Tony is currently researching the intersection between tort law, medical negligence, and moral philosophy.  Specifically, Tony's PhD project aims to develop a moral account of 'harm', which can then be transplanted into the law of torts to illuminate a framework for analysing the legal concept of 'damage', which in turn will used to ultimately assess the viability of 'loss of a chance' claims in the medical negligence sphere.