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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law

Ms Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer's current research explores questions of liability arising from the use of artificial intelligence in health care. In particular, the project will examine the applicability of the products liability and negligence regimes, as well as other legal frameworks. Jennifer's interests and previous research span a wide array of topics in private law, public law, and legal theory.

Prof. Angus Corbett

Angus Corbett is an Adjunct Professor who teaches health law and comparative health systems at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School. His research focuses on the problems of regulating complex systems. The goal of regulation in this context is to influence the dynamic interactions between the parts or elements of those systems to achieve simultaneously a bundle of public policy goals. The particular focus of this research is the design of health systems that are directed at achieving the multiple goals embedded in Universal Health Coverage. This bundle of goals includes a commitment to improving population health by providing equitable access to health care for an entire population without any individuals suffering financial hardship. It requires a commitment to improving the safety and effectiveness of health care while also managing the total amount of health care expenditure. The main question is one of how different health systems use regulation to influence the emergent forms of governance to achieve this bundle of goals.


Dr Elizabeth Fistein- Speciality Director in Ethics and Law, University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine

Since 2008, Elizabeth has been running the Ethics and Law component of the Clinical Course, one of the vertical themes that integrate the three stages of the course. She has recently also taken on the role of co-ordinating the Professional Skills curricula within the Clinical Course.

Elizabeth's research interests include legal issues connected to consent to treatment and mental capacity; Empirical Ethics in Psychiatry; Medical education (particularly ethics and professionalism education.

Dr Zoë Fritz - Wellcome Fellow in Society and Ethics, and Consultant Physician in Acute Medicine, Addenbrooke's Hospital

Zoë Fritz is a Wellcome fellow in Society and Ethics, and a Consultant Physician in Acute medicine at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.  Her research is focused on identifying areas of clinical practice that raise ethical questions and applying rigorous empirical and ethical analysis to explore the issues and find effective solutions. Her work is at the interface between medicine, the humanities and law.

Her current work focuses on considering the legal, ethical and empirical consequences of communicating uncertainty in diagnosis: she is collaborating with colleagues in the LML to investigate what constitutes material non-disclosure in the context of forming, communicating and recording a differential diagnosis.

Ms Annie Mackley

Annie provides research and administrative assistance to members of LML across a range of subject areas, most recently on LML's joint project on differential diagnosis with THIS Institute. Annie's research interests include the intersection between tort law and medicine, public health, and emerging technologies in the life sciences. She is currently undertaking a pupilage with Crown Office Chambers.