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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law

LML conducts preeminent research across many research areas. Our members specialise not only in medical law and bioethics, but also have expertise in areas such as competition law, family law, human rights, public law, information law, international law and intellectual property. Our research is dedicated to tackling crucial challenges in patient healthcare; biomedical research and innovation; safety, efficacy and access; population health; and the future of emerging technologies.


The centre has worked on numerous major projects and established close partnerships with other centres at the Faculty of Law, CANVAS (a network of Cambridge academics in the social sciences and humanities focussed on biomedicine), the Centre for Medical Ethics and Law at Hong Kong University, and the PHG Foundation. LML also participates in collaborative research projects with law schools worldwide, including the International Collaborative Research Program in Biomedical Innovation Law (Inter-CeBIL). This substantial international collaboration involves the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen, Harvard Law School, LML and several prominent researchers from other universities around the globe. The project encompasses a broad network of stakeholder organisations and international experts across law, economics, life sciences, and medicine. 

Our goal is to conduct interdisciplinary research that fosters the responsible, effective and ethical development of medicine and life sciences.