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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law

Emerging health technologies represent a dynamic and rapidly evolving sector within the healthcare industry with innovative solutions and tools designed to enhance the quality, efficiency, and accessibility of healthcare services. From telemedicine and wearable health devices to artificial intelligence, gene editing, and precision medicine, emerging health technologies have the potential to transform the way healthcare is delivered and received. They not only offer new diagnostic and treatment options but also contribute to the collection and analysis of vast amounts of health-related data, fostering a more personalized and data-driven approach to medicine.

The laws facilitating and restraining emerging health technologies are many and various. For example, regenerative stem cell technologies are affected by human tissue laws and codes, patent law, information law, informed consent paradigms, embryology laws when the technology involves human embryos, laws governing professional negligence, product liability law.


Current LML Experts:


Professor Mateo Aboy

Professor Kathy Liddell

Professor Timo Minssen

Nicola Anderson

Professor David Erdos

Dr Cristina Crespo

Matt Jordan

Dr Jeffrey Skopek

Dr Rumiana Yotova

Dr John Liddicoat