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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law

Step 1. Contact the LML

‣ Email:

‣ Subject Line: “Patent Study Request”

‣ Body: Briefly explain the purpose of the patent search. In particular, state the technical field for which the patent search or patent landscape is desired and any information you may have related to the inclusion (and exclusion) criteria.

Step 2. LML & Client Meeting: Study Definition (60 min)

‣ Overview of the Process & Timeline

‣ Determination of the scope of work and fees

‣ Determination of the search inclusion and exclusion criteria

Step 3. LML & Client Meeting: Search Strategy (60 min)

‣ Presentation and discussion of the search strategy & preliminary search results

Step 4. LML & Client Meeting: Presentation of Study Results (60 min)

‣ Presentation of the results of the patent study & electronic delivery of the report