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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law

The LML is able to offer three different levels of Patent Search & Landscaping services:


(1) Patent Search

This includes:

‣ Development of search strategy & search algorithm;

‣ Generating search results;

‣ Deliverable: Search Results Report

The Search Results Report includes a Excel spreadsheet with all relevant patents documents including their application numbers, titles, abstract, independent claim/s, current assignee, and patent family count.


(2) Patent Landscape

This includes:

‣ Development of search strategy & search algorithm;

‣ Generating search results;

‣ Patent analysis;

‣ Deliverable: Patent Landscape Summary Report

The Patent Landscape Summary Report includes patent search results and patent landscape analytics. Analytics include patent activity per year, top patent owners, top patent classes, patent citation analysis, and survivorship rates.


(3) Empirical IP Legal Study

‣ Study design; generation of results; presentation of results; report/publication

‣ Deliverables: Study Report (document or article manuscript reporting the results of the evidence-based/empirical study


See here for further information about the contract and schedule of fees, and an overview of the process.