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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law

Current PhD Candidates


Rebecca Brown

Global Crises, Domestic Solutions: National Implementation of Global Health Law as Collective Action.


Matt Jordan

Liminality and the Law: Interrogating Jurisprudence Throughout the Liminal Life Cycle.

Quentin Schäfer

The theoretical relationship of competition law and IP, and the competition law consequences of obtaining, maintaining, or asserting invalid or otherwise deficient intellectual property rights.

Emma Scott

Gillick competence: How Australian judges apply the Gillick test in cases of children seeking gender-affirming care.

Marno Swart

Dignity, suffering and the law: An ethico-legal comparative analysis of pain management.


Victor Van de Wiele

A Critical Exploration of Patent Infringement Proceedings Available to New Market Entrants in the United States and the United Kingdom, and their Impact on Drug Competition. Should the United Kingdom Adopt a Special Litigation Process?


Previous PhD Candidates

Jinal Dadiya

Reproductive Rights and the Regulation of Assisted Reproductive Technologies.


Dafni Lima

Reconceptualising Parenthood: Philosophical Foundations and Emerging Realities of Parent-Child Relations.


Stevie Martin

Assisted Suicide in England and Wales and the European Convention on Human Rights.



Jacquelyn Veraldi

The Application of Article 102 TFEU in the Pharmaceutical Sector.


Tony Zhou

Harm and Risks of Harm.