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LML member Prof. Mateo Aboy (Director of Research) will present at the 2nd Annual Stanford Responsible Quantum Technology Conference (RQT) on 20th May 2024. Prof. Aboy is a Fellow at the Stanford Center for Responsible Quantum Technology.


The RQT conference is an interdisciplinary, in-person conference including presentations on quantum mechanics, quantum cryptography, quantum algorithms, national security, export controls and critical mineral supply chains, IP, standardization & certification, quantum in life sciences, and the industry panel uncovering their use cases and innovations. 


This year’s conference (RQT 2.0) prioritizes topics not previously considered -including Quantum Simulation- as part of broader efforts supporting responsible quantum innovation. Quantum simulation enables the study of quantum systems by utilizing another quantum system that operates under the same rules.


Prof. Aboy will present on the Responsible Quantum Technology Center’s Fellowship Project called ‘Quantum Leap: Decoding Quantum Computing Innovation – Patenting Trends, Innovation & Policy Implications – Expanded to Quantum Simulation’, as well as sit on a panel on ‘Quantum in Healthcare’. This project extends the findings published in Prof. Aboy’s paper entitled “Mapping the Patent Landscape of Quantum Technologies: Patenting Trends, Innovation and Policy Implications” published in IIC-International Review of Intellectual Property & Competition Law.


The conference is hosted by the Stanford Center for Responsible Quantum Technology and is supported by the University of Copenhagen’s Centre for Advanced Studies in Bioscience Innovation Law (CeBIL) and the Novo Nordisk Foundation Inter-CeBIL Program. Prof. Timo Minssen will also present on the Inter-CeBIL Program at the Conference.


For more information on the conference, see here.