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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law

On 25th May 2017, LML Visiting Scholar Prof. Bartha Knoppers and LML Member Dr. Rumiana Yotova will be speaking on the topic of gene editing. These presentations will be given as part of an event organised by the PHG Foundation:

'Gene editing: from innovative science to effective policy'.  

(See corresponding listing in LML Events. Tickets can be obtained here.)

The pace of scientific innovation in and around the life sciences has never been faster, and the implications of many of these innovations pose significant issues for policy-makers, especially for applications relating to human health. How can we balance an accurate understanding of complex science and medicine against relevant ethical, legal and social issues to develop robust and effective policy?

More information about the event, supported by speakers from the University of Cambridge Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences and the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, can be found here.