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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law

On Wednesday 11th April 2018, Dr Jeffrey Skopek (LML Deputy Director) and Dr David Erdos will present at a one-day symposium hosted by the University of Hong Kong's Centre for Medical Ethics and Law.

The day will be split into two half-day symposia:

Part I, Policy and Regulatory Responses to New Genomic and Reproductive Technologies seeks to explore the likely shape of public policy and regulatory responses to the challenges posed by new genomic and reproductive technologies in clinical practice and biomedical research.  Here, Dr Skopek will speak on the topic of "The Ethics of Enhancement".

Part II, Privacy, Data Protection and Data-Sharing in Biomedical Research will examine the impact of new technologies on current regulatory paradigms for the protection individual privacy, data protection and data-sharing in the context of biomedical research.  Here, Dr Skopek will speak on "What is Privacy? (What is Data Protection?)". Dr Erdos will speak on "Going Global? The General Data Protection Regulation and Transborder Data Flow in an Interconnected World".