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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law

On Thursday 21 March 2024, LML hosted the Baron de Lancey lecture, which was delivered by Prof. Sir Jonathan Montgomery (University College London).


The Baron de Lancey Lecture is an annual public lecture hosted by the Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences at the University of Cambridge's Faculty of Law. It provides distinguished lawyers with a forum to debate their views on contemporary topics in medical law with a Cambridge audience.


This year, Prof. Sir Jonathan Montgomery delivered a lecture discussing “Medicine and the Rule of Law”. He challenged lawyers (including judges) to improve the way they respect the rule of law, to avoid doctors and medicine being ruled by lawyers, rather than by the Rule of Law. In doing so, he discussed high profile court cases on prescription of puberty blockers, cessation of treatment for severely ill infants, physician-assisted dying, communication with patients, and many other issues. We thank him for delivering a highly interesting and well-received lecture, with the audience consisting of a mix of legal and medical professionals, students and members of the public.


Turnout was very positive this year, with about 80 people attending in person and more than 120 joining us online.

The recording of the event is now available online via the University SMS website and the Faculty of Law’s YouTube channel.