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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law

LML is delighted to announce our collaboration on an upcoming conference on "The Development of Abortion Rights in a Changing Europe", to be held in Cambridge in September 2018. 

The conference, organised by a team headed by second year Law student Helen Jennings, will explore what human rights law has to say on the issue of abortion in 2018, with consideration given to issues including the upcoming referendum on Ireland's 8th Amendment, and the impact of Brexit on abortion law across the UK and Ireland. Discussion will not be limited to the legal framework in Ireland and Northern Ireland, although the issue is currently at the cutting-edge of legal debate there.

The provision of abortion services for women, including the extent to which one can consider abortion a "right", is one of the foremost human rights issues facing citizens of the United Kingdom and Ireland today. To this end, the conference will be entirely focused on the legal frameworks in place, their interaction with human rights law, and the potential of recent legal and political developments and litigation to change the law.

The conference team has launched a crowdfunding page which can be found here, and are welcoming donations from any interested parties.