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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law

Dr John Liddicoat (LML Senior Research Associate) is set to undertake a three-week research visit to the University of Copenhagen.  His research will focus on the repurposing of drugs -- a topic that is of great interest to LML, which is leading the CeBIL study on New Uses.

Over the duration of the trip, Dr Liddicoat will collaborate with the Copenhagen-based members of the CeBIL Collaborative Research Programme in Biomedical Innovation Law to develop two research projects:

  1. The first project will seek to determine the number of repurposed drugs have been authorised by the EMA and FDA.
  2. The second project will seek to determine the number of 'repurposed drug patents' that have been granted in the US and Europe.

Dr Liddicoat will be joined by several LML members who are involved with the CeBIL Research Program for a CeBIL Retreat from 20-23 May.