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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law

On 10th November 2017, LML Member Dr Colm McGrath will be presenting his paper ‘Private Law and the Challenge of AMR’ at the second day of a conference organised by our sister unit CMEL at the University of Hong Kong: ‘Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance: Meeting the Global Challenge of AMR’.

Dr McGrath's paper is part of the conference's third session: 'The Community Context', which will address specific situations in which AMR is already a grave and urgent threat (tuberculosis, malaria, MRSA and other resistant nosocomial infections), and examine accounts of current public health responses to the challenges of AMR for these specific situations, and consider recommendations for the future management of these conditions (including the incentivization of research, the development of new antibiotics and the prioritizing of resources to public health efforts at the control of these infections).

Friday, 10 November, 2017 - 11:10 to 11:30
Event location: 
Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong