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On Tuesday 17 March 2020, Dr Kathy Liddell (Director of LML) will participate in the Anne McLaren Symposium 2020: 'Synthetic gametes and germline development for science and society'. 

The Symposium will be held in Christ's College, Cambridge. It follows a successful meeting held in December 2019 at the Wellcome Trust and will feature 15-minute flash talks, which will be followed by 15 minutes of general discussion. The theme for this second meeting emphasises translational bioscience in its widest sense, focussing on synthetic gametes, and drawing on a wide range of disciplinary perspectives.

Dr Liddell will chair the symposium's third session, which will featurethe following presentations:

Human germline in vitro models for development and the epigenetic programme (Naoko Irie, Cambridge)
The legal situation with regard to the generation of synthetic gametes from somatic stem cells (Emily Jackson, LSE)
Ethics of germline research: gene editing and synthetic gametes (Sarah Chan, Edinburgh)

Dr Liddell will also contribute to a panel discussion in the symposium's fourth session.

The full programme is available here.

For more information, and to register for the symposium, click here.


Tuesday, 17 March, 2020 - 10:00