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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law
Indicative publications are listed below.   Please see LML members' individual pages for full publication lists.

K Liddell, 'The Health Impact Fund: A Critique' in T Pogge, M Rimmer, K Rubenstein (eds.) Incentives for Global Health (Cambridge University Press 2010).

S Gaisser, M Hopkins, K Liddell, E Zika, D Ibarreta, 'The Phantom Menace Of Gene Patents' (2009) 458 Nature 407-9.

K Liddell, S Hogarth, D Melzer, R Zimmern, 'Patents As Incentives For Translational And Evaluative Research: The Case Of Genetic Tests And Their Improved Clinical Performance' (2008) 3 Intellectual Property Quarterly 286-327.

K Liddell, J Bion, D Chamberlain, C Druml, E Kompanje, F Lemaire, D Menon, B Vhrovac, C Wiederman, 'Medical Research Involving Incapacitated Adults: Implications of the EU Clinical Trials Directive 2001/20/EC' (2006) 14 Medical Law Review 367-417.