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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law

Indicative publications are listed below.   Please see LML members' individual pages for full publication lists.

J Skopek, 'Reasonable Expectations of Anonymity' (2015) 101 Virginia Law Review 691.

J Skopek, 'Anonymity, the Production of Goods, and Institutional Design' (2014) 82 Fordham Law Review 1751.

D Erdos, 'Constructing the Labyrinth: The Impact of Data Protection on
the Development of "Ethical" Regulation in Social Science' (2012) 15 Information,
Communication & Society 104-123.

D Erdos, 'Stuck in the Thicket? Social Research Under the First Data Protection Principle' (2011) 19 International Journal of Law and Information Technology 133-152.

D Erdos, 'Systematically Handicapped? Social Research in the Data Protection Framework' (2011) 20 Information & Communications Technology Law 83-101.

K Liddell, 'Human Bodies in Medicine and Research: Regulatory Frameworks and their Impact: A Comparative Report on the Literature'.  A Report for the Nuffield Council on Bioethics for use in its report on Human Bodies in Medicine and Research (working paper, 2011).

J Scherpe, ‘The Gametes of a European Family Law’ (2008) International Family Law 98-101.

K Liddell and A Hall, ‘Beyond Bristol and Alder Hey: The Future Regulation of Human Tissue’ (2005) 13 Medical Law Review 170-223.