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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law

Indicative publications are listed below.   Please see LML members' individual pages for full publication lists.

C McGrath, ‘Tort Law and the Special Case of Medicinal Products’ Canadian Business Law Journal.

C McGrath, ‘The End of Expert Witness Immunity’ (2013) 4 European Review of Private Law 1065 – 1080.

C McGrath, ‘Defective Drugs and Alternative Causation’ (2013) 2 European Review of Private Law 605 – 616.

C McGrath, ‘Medical Malpractice and Compensation in Global Perspective’ (2011) 27 Journal of Professional Negligence 1-9.

O Odudu, ‘Are State-Owned Health-Care Providers Undertakings Subject To Competition Law?’ (2011) 32 E.C.L.R. 231-241.

K Liddell, 'Beyond a Rebarbative Commitment to Consent' in J McMillan, O Corrigan, K Liddell, M Richards, C Weijer (eds.), The Limits of Consent (Oxford University Press 2009).

J Spencer, ‘The Cot Death Cases And Afterwards’  Inner Temple Yearbook for 2005/6 pp. 8-11.