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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law
Indicative publications are listed below.   Please see LML members' individual pages for full publication lists.

J Scherpe, ‘Medically Assisted Procreation: This Margin Needs To Be Appreciated - ECtHR, Grand Chamber 3.11.2011 (S.H. And Others V. Austria)’ (2012) Cambridge Law Journal 276-279.

J Scherpe, ‘The Gametes of a European Family Law’ (2008) International Family Law 98-101.

S Hogarth, K Liddell, T Ling, S Sanderson, R Zimmern, D Melzer, 'Closing The Gaps - Enhancing The Regulation Of Genetic Tests Using Responsive Regulation' (2007) 62 Food and Drug Law Journal 831-48.

A du Bois-Pedain and J Spencer (eds.), Freedom and Responsibility in Reproductive Choice (Hart Publishing 2006).

K Liddell and S Wallace, ‘Emerging Regulatory Issues for Human Stem Cell Medicine’ (2005) 1 Genomics, Society and Policy 54.