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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law

Health law and bioethics are two interconnected fields that play a crucial role in shaping medicine and the life sciences.  

Health law encompasses a broad range of legal regulations and principles that govern various aspects of the healthcare industry, including patient rights, medical malpractice, healthcare providers' obligations, and healthcare financing. It seeks to strike a balance between promoting quality healthcare delivery and safeguarding the rights and well-being of patients.

The field of bioethics delves into the ethical dilemmas and questions that arise at the intersection of biology, medicine, and healthcare. It examines issues such as medical research ethics, end-of-life decisions, organ transplantation, genetic testing, and emerging technologies like gene editing. Bioethicists provide ethical frameworks and guidelines to help navigate complex moral questions and dilemmas within the field of healthcare, ensuring that decisions are made with respect for individual autonomy, justice, and beneficence.

LML currently has many experts in the fields of health law and bioethics.


Nicola Anderson

Rebecca Brown

Matt Jordan

Professor Kathy Liddell

Dr Stevie Martin

Professor Okeoghene Odudu

Dr Stephanie Palmer

Dr Jeffrey Skopek

Jake Widjaya

Isaac Weldon

Dr Zoë Fritz

Dr Elizabeth Fistein

Professor Timo Minssen