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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law

The Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences is growing!

We are delighted to announce the following appointments:

Jennifer Anderson joined LML in October 2019 as a Research Associate. She will work closely with Dr Jeffrey Skopek (LML Deputy Director) on 'Liability for Harms Caused by the Use of AI in Healthcare', a research project funded by a Wellcome Trust Seed Award. This project will clarify how the law of negligence and product liability might apply to harms caused by the use of black-box algorithms in healthcare and explore whether either of these areas of law should be reformed or supplemented with a sui generis law for AI.

Isabelle Le Gallez joined LML in October 2019, also as a Research Associate. She will contribute to a joint project between LML and The Healthcare Improvement Studies Institute, 'Differential Diagnosis and the Law'. The project is part of a larger research initiative run by Dr Zoe Fritz which is taking a closer look at how diagnosis is made, communicated, and recorded in acute care with the goal of improving the process for doctors and patients. The legal arm of the project will clarify how the law, particularly the law of negligence post-Montgomery, shapes the development and communication of differential diagnoses, and whether the law should be reformed.  

Jacquelyn Veraldi commenced her PhD candidacy with LML in October 2019. Under the supervision of Dr Albertina Albors-Llorens, her project will focus on the interpretation and application of the EU abuse of dominance prohibition in pharmaceutical markets. The 3-year project is generously funded by the Hatton-WYNG PhD Studentship.

Andrew Sagar joined LML in September 2019 as a Research Assistant. Andrew is available to provide research and administrative assistance to members of LML across a broad range of subject areas. He will also supervise Intellectual Property law to undergraduate students.

LML is also pleased to announce the following promotions for current staff:

Stevie Martin (LML PhD Candidate) has been appointed to a Fixed-Term Lectureship in Public Law.

Jeff Skopek (Deputy Director of LML) has been appointed to an established University Lectureship in Medical Law.

Jens Scherpe (LML Member) has been appointed Professor of Comparative Law, and will also act as the Faculty's Director of International Strategy and Partnerships.

Claire Fenton-Glynn (LML Member) has been appointed to a University Senior Lectureship in Law.