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An LML Research Group has just published its fourth article in Nature Biotechnology:  'After six years, what has been Mayo’s impact on patent applications related to biotech, diagnostics, and personalized medicine?' (available here), examines the impact of the US Supreme Court's decision in Mayo Collaborative Services v. Prometheus Laboratories, Inc. on patent subject-matter eligibility and patent prosecution of biotech related patent applications before the USPTO.

The article was co-authored by Prof. Mateo Aboy, Dr Cristina Crespo, Dr Kathy Liddell, Prof. Timo Minssen, and Dr John Liddicoat. 

This is the fourth publication by this LML Research Group to be accepted by Nature Biotechnology in three years.  They previously published:

Empirical patent studies continue to be a core focus of LML research, and will feature significantly in LML's contribution to the CeBIL research programme.