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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law

Following the hugely successful CeBIL Symposium 2019: Legal Innovation to Support the Development of Antimicrobial Drugs, LML was delighted to host CeBIL colleagues Prof. Timo Minssen and Dr Jakob Wested for an extended visit. Building on the momentum of the Symposium, we consolidated findings and feedback from the event, and planned how the ideas raised might be incorporated into CeBIL's future work on antibiotics. 

It was also an opportune time for Dr Wested, who leads CeBIL's study on orphan drugs, to collaborate with Dr John Liddicoat, LML's Senior Research Associate for CeBIL's study on repurposing known drugs for new medical uses. LML will increasingly be considering the 'orphan drugs' area, as it will be the topic of the 2020 CeBIL Symposium; for which planning is underway.