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Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

Faculty of Law

LML is pleased to announce that two ethical frameworks for the asymptomatic Covid-19 testing in workplaces and higher education institutions, co-authored by LML Director Dr Kathy Liddell, has been published online.

Many organisations are considering using asymptomatic Covid-19 testing programmes to reduce risk for individuals on their premises. In October 2020, the University of Cambridge introduced a voluntary weekly asymptomatic testing programme for students living in college accommodation as part of its efforts to reduce the spread of Covid-19. The programme, based on laboratory PCR tests, involves pooling swabs from students in their households. If the pool tests positive, individual tests are performed for each participating student to investigate further. Dr Liddell was extensively involved in the design of the asymptomatic testing programme as a member of the University’s Covid-19 Rapid Response Working Group. 

The ethical frameworks are the product of a product of a collaborative project with THIS Institute and RAND Europe which involved public consultation, ethical and legal analysis, and expert discussion. It is hoped that the frameworks will be used to assist higher education institutions in their decision-making by offering practical illustrations and illustrative examples.

Further information and resources, including the full ethical framework, a checklist tool, and infographic, are available on the THIS Institute website.

Please click here to access the ethical framework for asymptomatic testing of staff in workplaces.

Please click here to access the ethical framework for asymptomatic testing of students in higher education institutions.